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Thanks to everyone who attended or fundraising event at Fair Trade Cafe & Gallery in November 2013. We raised more than $2,000 for Make a Difference, our event's beneficiary.

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Guestbook for Stephanos & Olga Photography
Carrie Bailey(non-registered)
I finally got a chance to sit down and check out your website. I LOVE your work. It is gorgeous! Both of you are talented. I can see the differences in your work and can appreciate both of your styles. I hope you will keep it up and consider shooting us and our family sometime! Much Love, Carrie
John Beccari(non-registered)
Such beatiful images you have captured. I envy the places you have been to have taken these photos. I wish you much success with your obvious talents.
I love all of your pictures!
I think my favorite is " Birds in Flight" ...I don't know why ????
I'm mesmerized by that picture.... It's like I'm there and I'm waiting for the birds to actually start flying any moment.
It's really cool !! I Love it.
Great job you guys

Brigitte :o)
Michael Koullias(non-registered)
Very nice!
Perhaps with you two it is true what critics have said over the years: men tend to take pictures of larger themes, women of more personal and intimate subjects.